Top 10 free essential WordPress starter Plugins

10. Contact Form 7

Want to add a Form to your WordPress Website?
Then Contact Form 7 got you’ve covered!

Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular WordPress Plugins available, you can easily create forms that fit your needs.

It offers plenty of fields and there are multiple Plugins to extend the Functionality of Contact Form 7.

And It is also free and very beginner-friendly!

9. WP Mail SMTP

Adding Mail Credentials as a not tech-savvy person might be a real hassle, but not with WP Mail SMTP! It offers a simplistic UI and Test Kit to easily add your Mail Credentials to WordPress.

8. Redirection

Redirection offers a great UI to easily create URL Redirects.

It also can manage dead links that occur when you delete Pages, Posts, Images and more.

7. Autoptimize

Is your Site feeling slow and sluggish?

No Problem! Autoptimize can help you make your Site feel fast and responsive. Autooptimize reduzes the file sizes of your Theme’s resources like HTML, CSS and JavaScript drastically!

A quick page also improves your SEO ranking a lot!

6. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is like Autoptimzie and can improve your overall page speed drastically. It offers far more options to improve the speed of your Site, but it might not be as beginner friendly as Autoptimze.

5. Safe SVG

Are you trying to upload SVG-Files to the WordPress Media Libary but it’s not working?

That’s because WordPress does not support SVG-Files out of the box.

This Simple Plugin enables you the functionality and it also ensures that your SVG-Files are free from malicious code.

4. Polylang

You want to offer a Site in multiple languages but haven’t found an easy solution yet?

No Problem, Polylang can help you with that!

It offers the right tools for you to easylily make your site multilingual.

3. Yoast Duplicate Post

It’s a shame that WordPress has no functionality to duplicate posts or pages out of the box.

That’s where Yoast Duplicate Post comes in. It’s only purpose is to exactly this missing feature.

2. WordPress Zero Spam

This is a game changer!

You might already encounter some spam comments or messages on your WordPress Site, or received some nasty messages through one of your contact forms.

WP Zero Spam is the best free plugin to block all of that spam and phishing, it Supports most of the popular form plugins like Contact Form 7 or Gravity Forms, but also handles spam that is submitted through the comments sections on your Page.

Just install and active this plugin and fear no more about nearly any spam at all!

1. Yoast SEO

In today’s World, it’s very important to have an improved SEO ranking to stay up in the search results, that’s where Yoast SEO becomes really handy!

It helps you with optimizing your Site and offers you many tools to improve your Site.

This Plugin can also create Sitemaps and show you how your Page or Post might perform in the search results.

The Free Version of this Plugin also offers most of the necessary functionalities out of the box

That’s it, any suggestions? Write us in the comments.